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For the Pops -  a unique podcast – where two Dads get together, pour some drinks, and invite some friends over to talk about all the stuff they love – Pro Wrestling, Sports, and lot of Pop Culture.  We finish each and every episode with the "For the Pops" POP Quiz!

The hosts of the show are two guys who are desperately trying to be cool and painfully aware they are not:


Pro Wrestler and New Dad, Scotty Slade.  Entrepreneur and Veteran father, Jamie Jamitkowski.


It’s time for For the Pops on the NAI Pop Network

Let the Chaos Begin - A verbal history of Chaotic Wrestling - New England's largest and most successful Independent Wrestling Organization for the past two decades.  This is the company that launched the careers of Sasha Banks, Kofi Kingston, Tommaso Ciampa, and dozens of other wrestling stars of today.

The hosts are the two men who were with Chaotic Wrestling from the start.  Hall of Fame Ring Announcer, Rich Palladino & former owner of Chaotic Wrestling for 18 years, Jamie Jamitkowski. 

Join them for all the secrets, knowledge and behind the scenes tales of Chaotic Wrestling.

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