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Scotty Slade

Jamie Jamitkowski

Wrestling, Comic Books, and Radio sums up what my life has been thus far.  Growing up in the tiniest state of the country I went to Rhode Island College for a Mass Media Communications Degree. I had an amazing opportunity to run the campus television station during my time on campus, along with co-hosting my own sports talk radio show for 4 years. Also making sure I made it to the comic shop every Wednesday for new comic book day!


     All while this was happening, in 2003 I decided to jump into the exciting world of professional wrestling.  Starting my training with Brutal Bob Evans and his school “Slamtech”, I was able to lay down the ground work and foundation necessary to perform in front of live audiences.  A couple years later I then moved my training to work closely with “Mofo” Steve Bradley and his wrestling company WFA.


     Due to personal issues/reasons I temporarily walked away from wrestling to finish my degree, until 2010 when “Firebrand” Brian Fury reached out for me to make a return to wrestling, and jump into a company called Chaotic Wrestling.  This is when I crossed paths with my now co-host/owner of Chaotic Wrestling Jamie Jamitkowski.  Since then I have been a cornerstone to the Chaotic Wrestling brand, and have had some amazing opportunities within the wrestling industry. Most notably, working a match on WWE’s live television program Monday Night Raw.


     Now a married man, and a new dad to a current (almost 6 month old) daughter.  I’ll get to figure out how to juggle married life, dad life, and still keep up with making towns doing what I love in professional wrestling. 

Raised in North Reading, MA- I grew up a wrestling fan, movie fan and comic book fan.  Star Wars figures, Batman posters and Indiana Jones costumes pretty much sums up my early life.


I was really fortunate that my family owned UndercoverWear, a Home Party Lingerie company.  Thanks to UndercoverWear, I was able to travel around the world and surround myself with lingerie models.

I actually graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Television/Radio Broadcasting.  After that, I worked for a few years in the hospitality industry, then I returned to Cornell University to get my Masters in Management of Hospitality.

After spending 6+ years in upstate NY, I needed to thaw out a bit, so I spent a few years working in such tough locations as Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Southern California.  Eventually, a job offer led to my return to New England.  Once I was back, I took over and ran UndercoverWear for nearly 15 years until 2014.

In 2001, I started Chaotic Wrestling and the Chaotic Training Center - where we helped launch the careers of superstars like Kofi Kingston, Tommaso Ciampa, War Beard Hanson & Sasha Banks, to name just a few.  Also, I ~may~ have threatened to fire my now co-host, Scotty Slade early on in his Chaotic career.

Now, I'm a business consultant with a wife & 14-year old daughter.  Because I grew up in a company surrounded by women, I thought I would have been MUCH more prepared for being the father to a teenage girl.  I was wrong.

At the end of 2017, I sold Chaotic Wrestling and I've started the next phase of my career - hosting a podcast!


Now, I'm thrilled to be a part of the For the Pops! Podcast with Scotty - looking forward to talking about wrestling, movies, pop culture and more!

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